Initial release

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1.0 - Initial release

Posted: September 16, 2020

This is the initial release of the software, few notes on current features

Initial Features

  • Joystick Gremlin support, including inherited profiles (automatically will populate unless you override on child profile)
  • Templates supplied out of the box for
    • Virpil MT50-CM2 Stick
    • Virpil MT50-CM2 Throttle
    • Virpil Constellation Alpha-R


The initial templates are a starting point, I will add more over time and people are welcome to contribute and help out!

Diagrams can be opened in Google Chrome / Edge and be printed from there.

Next version

Please raise bugs/improvements/features you want to see.

Currently I’m working on automatically exporting DCS World, after that improving the general usability of the app.


We have a discord for support of the program, come along and say hi if you’re having problems.

joystick-gremlin discord virpil