Current support for games and tools


Profile Preview and Device Binding: Preview your binds directly within the application, allowing you to easily navigate through the setup for each profile and its devices.

Flexible Plugin System: This feature opens the door for 3rd party game and tool authors, enabling easier access to customization and integration.

Native Modifier Support: With our native support, Modifiers can now be utilized directly, subject to the game or tool plugin’s compatibility.

Game-Specific Modifier Support: We are proud to announce that DCS World and Star Citizen now support Modifiers, significantly enhancing the customization and performance of your gaming experience.

Profile Chaining: Combine profiles from different sources, such as Joystick Gremlin and DCS, into a single, cohesive diagram output for each device. This feature simplifies the process of managing complex setups.

Device-Specific Template Configuration: Templates are now configured on a per-device basis, eliminating the need for manual naming of template files. This change streamlines the template management process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Dynamic Template Verification: Templates are dynamically checked to ensure they include all the controls you need for your profile, eliminating the risk of missing buttons and ensuring a fully functional setup.

Customizable Export Locations: Choose where your exports are saved, allowing for a more personalized and flexible setup process. This feature provides the flexibility to organize your files according to your preferences.

More native template support More templates are now supported out of the box, with more available from the community.

Supported games/tools

Officially Supported tools

DCS World

Star Citizen

Joystick Gremlin

3rd Party Plugins

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