Ready out of the box


Bundled with the Application is a number of basic templates out of the box, supporting a number of manufacturers.

With 2.0 it has become much easier to support multiple templates for the same device

For the 2.0 release we’ve tried to add more templates, but these do not support modifiers by default. Existing templates can be quickly modified.

Stock Templates (included with download)

If you don’t see your device here, don’t panic. We have more community made templates in our Discord. Alternatively you can also make your own in minutes see Custom Templates

Even better you could help us by making the template and giving it back to the community.


  • Fighterstick
  • Pro Throttle


  • X52 HOTAS
  • X56 HOTAS
  • X56 Rhino

Virpil Controls

  • Constellation ALPHA R
  • Control Panel #1
  • MT-50CM2 Stick
  • VFX Stick
  • WarBRD Stick
  • MT-50 CM2 Throttle


  • T16000M Joystick
  • T16000M Throttle
  • Warthog Stick
  • Warthog Throttle


  • Gladiator NXT L
  • Gladiator NXT R

Total Controls

  • Multi-Function Button Box
  • Apache MPD Frames


  • 18-HUD Unit 1
  • 18-UFC Unit 1
  • MFD Unit 1
  • Orion2 16(EX) Joystick Combo
  • Orion2 18 Joystick Combo
  • Orion2 18 Throttle Combo
  • Orion2 Throttle Base+ 15E/X
  • ICP
  • PCR Panel
  • PTO/PTO2 Panel

Modifying & Creating templates

Are the defaults not quite working for you? Or you’ve created your own device?

You can create custom template profiles or modify existing in minutes, with simple free to use tools.